Infuse the Benefits of Elaichi Milk in your Daily Lifestyle


Elaichi and Milk contribute to your healthy and fit lifestyle. However, what happens when these two healthy ingredients get infused into a glass of Elachi Flavoured Milk? Here’s your chance to find out the mind-blowing benefits of this yummy and nutritious drink.

Perfect Treatment for Indigestion

Elaichi Flavoured Milk is an excellent drink to treat and relieve indigestion. The spice contains dietary fibers and anti-oxidants to reduce constipation, strengthen the digestive system and promote gut health. It allows you to prevent stomach inflammation and nausea. Also, if you suffer from Acid Reflux, Cardamom (or Elaichi) flavoured milk can provide a cooling effect to ease the burning sensation in your chest. Therefore, let’s leave digestion problems behind by adding a refreshing glass of Elaichi Milk to your morning and evening routine. 

Stay Immune to Diseases for Efficient Functioning

Immunity is the ability to fight diseases by building our body’s defenses. Are you confused? Well, it’s incredible to know that the nourishment of elaichi in delicious flavoured milk helps strengthen the immune system with the highly enriching Vitamin C. So, let’s say bye-bye to cough and cold with the immunity-boosting power of Elaichi Flavoured Milk.

Maintain Oral Hygiene to Prevent Mouth Sores

Oral hygiene is essential for overall health and wellness. However, did you know? The aromatic scent of Elaichi Milk allows you to prevent mouth odor and bad breath. Also, the anti-bacterial nature of Cardamom helps treat oral infections like cavities, gum inflammation, toothache, and mouth blisters, among many other health problems. Therefore, let’s make it our habit to drink Elaichi Flavoured Milk to always smile at your impressive oral health. 

Nutritional Properties to Control Blood Pressure

Now, you can sip the benefits of Elaichi Flavoured Milk to recover heart health. Use the power of nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus in Cardamom to reduce cholesterol levels and stop artery blockages. So, together with the nutritional properties of Elaichi Milk, you can release the pressure on your heart to circulate blood by soothing the artery walls. 

Tonic to help you Enjoy a Sound Sleep

Are you suffering from sleeping disorders like Insomnia? Well, elaichi milk is a healthy way to get rid of sleepless nights. The sweet taste and soothing scent of cardamom milk can help you relax your mind. So, take a daily dose of Elaichi Flavoured Milk to sleep soundly.


In the end, get healthy and strong with the most delicious Elaichi Flavoured Milk from Nova Dairy!

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