5 Reasons Why you must drink Kesar Flavoured Milk for your Wellbeing


Saffron Milk has been a part of Indian households for many generations. Its relaxing effect and medicinal properties can help our overall well-being. Therefore, let’s look at all the reasons that make Kesar flavoured milk a must-have for all seasons.

Saffron is a Refreshing Spice

Let’s beat the summer heat and winter chills with the goodness of Kesar flavoured milk. Now, every season you can enjoy the freshness of saffron drink, as it is served both hot and chilled. However, you must remember that nutrient-rich Kesar milk can help you replace stress with calmness in your mind and body. So, it’s time to make your mood cheerful with the mouthwatering taste of Saffron milk.

Add Kesar to Boost Immunity

Kesar milk is an immunity-boosting drink. It contains crocetin, a plant pigment with antioxidant properties. So, we can comprehend that with the nourishment of Saffron and Milk, you can assist your immune system in fighting off certain bacteria and viruses. Choose prevention rather than cure to stop cold and cough from hindering your life. Make it your habit to drink a glass of Kesar flavoured milk for your health and well-being.

Saffron Milk can keep Heart Health in Check

The crocetin present in saffron can get your bad cholesterol to a better level. Just a few strands of Kesar can encourage proper heart functioning and blood circulation by preventing blockage in arteries. So, now you can consume this healthy spice in the form of sweet and delicious delight called Kesar flavoured milk.

Get a Sharp Memory with Kesar Extracts

Many studies have revealed that saffron can improve your learning power and lead to memory retention. Kesar flavoured milk can relax your body physically and mentally, which reduces stress and further helps in boosting your cognitive skills. 

A Helpful Spice in Treating Insomnia and Other Illnesses

Kesar flavoured milk can do wonders for insomnia patients by helping them enjoy a good night’s sleep. The saffron spice is highly-rich in manganese, which can act as a mild sedative allowing you to get proper sleep. 


So, let’s think about well-being with a few strands of Kesar to make your milk more nutritious and flavourful.

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