• Pasteurized milk

    Pasteurized Milk

    Nova milk is collected from thousands of dairy farmers handpicked from across the country. Nova milk is processed and packed hygienically under cold chain for its customers, while enhancing its nutritional attributes. Traditionally as well as scientifically, milk is an essential part of a healthy diet. It is high in protein, calcium and vitamin B with significant benefits including: (a) helps growth, (b) supply of energy, (c) quick recovery and (d) appetite satisfaction.

  • UHT Milk

    UHT Milk

    Nova brings to you Nova UHT Homogenized Milk in a tetra pack. UHT (Ultra High Temperature) simply means that the milk has been heated for a very brief period at an extremely high temperature but ensuring that it retains its nutritional values and taste.

  • Flavoured Milk

    Flavoured Milk

    Nova Flavoured Milk offers a fresh experience, with no artificial flavours, colors or preservatives. The drink is a unique combination of great taste and nutrition. The benefits of milk are made available in a sterilized bottle which is a great way to drink milk, especially kids love it. As the most popular milk choice in schools, flavoured milk is a highly palatable, nourishing beverage that can help children to meet daily food and calcium intake recommendations.

  • Nova Paneer


    Nova paneer involves standardization of milk, heat treatment, coagulation, draining of whey, pressing, dipping in chilled water and packaging. Paneer can be eaten raw or with just a sprinkle of black pepper and salt. Paneer contains a host of nutrients like calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A & vitamin B12. The high quality protein in paneer provides the body with essential building blocks for strong muscles, which is important throughout life and specifically beneficial for athletes and the elderly.

  • Dahi


    The word Dahi is derived from the sanskrit word dadhi, one of the five elixirs, or panchamrita, often used in Hindu ritual. Dahi also holds cultural symbolism in many homes. Fermented dairy products have long been an important component of nutritional diet in India.

    The modern microbiological processes have resulted in the production of different fermented milk products of higher nutritional value under controlled conditions. These products represent an important component of functional foods.

  • Nova Chach

    Nova Chach

    Nova Chhach or buttermilk is a traditional Indian refreshing cold beverage. It is often consumed to help with ailments like gastro-diseases, excessive vomit, jaundice, diabetes & diarrhea. Chhach helps purify the blood and give strength & vitality. Nova Chhach is made from fresh milk in two variants - Plain (unsalted) & Spiced (masala).

  • Shudh Ghee

    Shudh Ghee

    Ghee, or clarified butter is a healthy alternative to cooking oil. Consuming ghee in moderation is considered healthy and even important for weight loss. 20-25% of our daily calories should come from dairy fat. Healthy fats help our body to preserve cell membrane structure, absorb important nutrients and aid in proper immune system function.

  • Cow Ghee

    Cow Ghee

    Ayurveda says that Cow Ghee improves digestion, memory & intelligence, strengthens our immune system and vitality, vision and has many more benefits. Cow's Ghee is full of essential nutrients, fatty acids and has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidants and antiviral properties. Nova Cow Ghee is made from pure cow milk at state-of-the-art processing plants where we maintain highest quality standards ensuring you and your family gets all the benefits of Cow Ghee.

  • Nova Butter


    Butter is a high energy food containing approximately 715 calories per 100 grams having a high content of milk fat (at least 80%) with substantial amounts of vitamin A and minor amounts of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Butter is manufactured by continuous butter making method involving accelerated churning of normal cream to achieve the perfect butter texture.

  • Dairy Whitener

    Dairy Whitener

    Nova Dairy whitener is widely used as a substitute for fresh milk, cream or evaporated milk in tea, coffee, cocoa or drinking chocolates and is also suitable for adding to foods like soups, sauces, puddings and cereal dishes. Nova dairy whitener possesses good whitening ability, high dispensability, feathering and emulsion stability.

  • Dairy Creamers

    Dairy Creamers

    Sterling Agro markets Dairy Creamers under the brand names of "Nova Dairy Rich", "Nova Milk Mix", "Nova Dairy Mix" and "Nova Dairy Creamer". These are proprietary foods with lower FAT content and are ideal for a low fat tea or coffee. 'A-One Dairy Creamer' is another brand name with a different recipe being marketed in selected areas.

  • Skimmed Milk Powder

    Skimmed Milk Powder

    Sterling Agro manufactures high quality Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) in 3 variants:
    Nova Gold - Rich in protein, low cholesterol; available in 1/2 Kg laminate packaging.
    Nova Super - Especially for Khoya and Chhenna; available in 1 Kg laminate packaging.
    Nova Special - SMP Standard Grade with natural taste and goodness; 1 Kg in poly pouch packaging.

  • Institutional Products

    Institutional Products

    Sterling Agro offers the largest multi-product basket to multinationals such as Nestle, Glaxo SmithKline, Cadbury and Britannia in India. It also meets the needs of many more bakery confectionary, ice cream and pharmaceutical industries in India.

    Sterling is a reputed exporter and has maintained its presence in countries like Japan, Philippines Indonesia, Egypt, Gulf and African countries serving various types of industries and customer needs.