Dairy Whitener



We, at Nova, one of the leading dairy companies in India, manufacture the highest quality of dairy whitener in the market. To provide you with the best, we only use milk of pure quality that is collected with extreme care from healthy, well-nourished cattle in hygienic cow-sheds spread across well-connected villages. The collected milk is then pasteurized, homogenized and converted into high-quality dairy whitener powder under sterile conditions following scientific guidelines to meet stringent quality standards. We add our expertise to carefully dry and balance the quality, taste, flavour, and nutrient value without losing any of its goodness.

A Fresh & healthy substitute for milk

Besides giving you a creamier and tastier cup of tea or coffee, dairy whitener mixes amazingly well with your beverage and enhances its flavour while giving a rich aroma. Great hygiene and care in accordance to international food safety standards, goes into the procurement, processing, and packaging of our dairy whitener to make sure that it’s made available to you in a healthy way. It also comes with other health benefits:

  • 100% pure and natural
  • Improves gastrointestinal health and systemic immunity
  • Contains Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin C hence helps in keeping body healthy
  • Protects the body against viral and bacterial infections
  • Builds immunity and helps in weight loss

We, at Nova, are committed to offer our consumers with pure, clean and healthy products without using fillers or artificial substances. Therefore, our products only contain natural ingredients and are free from any artificial additives, colour, chemical or preservatives. Our dairy whitener possesses good whitening ability, high dispensability, feathering and emulsion stability which makes it suitable for adding to foods like soups, sauces, puddings, cereal dishes and other beverages, as it gives a better mouth feel without leaving any undissolved suspended particles. Besides maintaining the purity and authenticity of our products we manufacture, our dairy whitener price is very pocket-friendly & affordable.

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nova dairy whitener

Packaging Available

  • 200 G
  • 500 G
  • 500 G TIN
  • 1 KG POUCH
  • 10 KG JAR
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  • instant dairy whitener