UHT Milk

Nova brings to you Nova UHT Homogenized Milk in a Tetrapak carton. UHT (Ultra High Temperature) simply means that the milk has been heated for a very brief period at an extremely high temperature but ensuring that it retains its nutritional values and taste.

There is no need to boil Nova UHT Milk. Shelf life of sealed carton is 6 months. Once the Nova UHT Milk Carton has been opened then it needs to be consumed within 4-5 days. The homogenization process prevents any cream concentration or layer formation. So no more worries of your milk spoiling or the trouble of boiling it. Enjoy Nova UHT Milk anywhere & anytime!

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Nova UHT milk

Packaging Available

  • Toned Milk UHT
  • 1 Litre & 200 ML
  • Double Toned Milk UHT
  • 1 Litre & 200 ML
  • Toned UHT Milk 1 litre
  • Tonned UHT milk 200 ml