Indulge in the Taste of Delicious Aloo Paratha tossed with Shudh Ghee


If you ever run out of instant meal options, then don’t worry! Aloo paratha can be your saviour. It is not only simple to make but also a great addition to your meals, whether you have it for breakfast, an evening snack, or even for dinner.

While aloo parathas are quick and easy to make, adding ghee (clarified butter) elevates the flavours giving your tastebuds a pure bliss. Nova Dairy’s premium quality Shudh Ghee adds a rich, nutty flavour and flaky texture to your parathas. Enjoy an irresistible savoury treat. Let’s learn how to make Dhaba-style aloo paratha at home with easy-to-follow steps further in the blog.

How to Make Aloo Paratha?

Across India, every region has its spin on the aloo paratha recipe. You can easily create your version of classic aloo paratha with fillings and dough from your favourite veggies and flour type. Aloo Paratha’s magic lies in its endless possibilities of combination of flavours. However, we will learn to make classic aloo paratha followed by the variations. Check out the recipe for aloo paratha using Nova Shudh Ghee.


  • Whole wheat flour (atta) – 2 cups 
  • Water – As per the requirement 
  • Nova Dairy’s Shudh Ghee – 2 tbsp 
  • Boiled potatoes – 3-4 medium 
  • Onion – 1 medium, finely chopped 
  • Green chilli – 1, finely chopped (optional) 
  • Coriander leaves – handful, chopped 
  • Salt to taste


  1. To Make the Soft Dough: In a large bowl, combine the 2 cups of whole-wheat flour and 1 teaspoon of salt. Add 1 teaspoon of ghee and mix it well until the dough starts to bind well. Gradually add water and knead it until the texture is smooth, soft, and stretches like an elastic. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and allow it to rest for 30 minutes.
  2. How to Make Aloo Stuffing: While the dough rests, mash the boiled potatoes in another bowl. Add the chopped onion, green chilli (if using), coriander leaves, and salt to taste. Mix everything well to combine.
  3. Assemble the Paratha: Divide the dough into equal balls. On a lightly floured surface, roll out each dough ball into a circle, about 5-6 inches in diameter. Place a spoonful of potato stuffing in the center of the dough circle.
  4. Stuff and Fold the Paratha: Gather the edges of the dough circle and pinch them together to enclose the stuffing, forming a semi-circle. Gently press down to seal the filling. Now, gently roll out the stuffed dough circle again into a slightly larger circle, making sure the filling is evenly distributed.
  5. Cook the Paratha: Heat a griddle or tawa over medium heat. Add a tablespoon of Nova Shudh ghee to the griddle. Once hot, carefully place the stuffed paratha on the griddle. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes on each side, or until you see golden brown patches on the surface. Drizzle some more ghee around the edges of the paratha while cooking, to let it cook evenly from all sides.
  6. Serve Hot: Once cooked, transfer the paratha to a plate. Cut it into wedges and serve hot! Your instant nutritious meal is ready within a few minutes.

Try out a Few Exciting Variations of Aloo Paratha

Explore the range of flavours with different flours, spices, and vegetables to create your signature paratha. You can try adding ingredients like paneer, spinach, or even mashed potatoes to make your paratha unique and delicious.

  • Gobi Paratha: This twist on the classic swaps mashed potatoes for a delicious, spiced cauliflower filling. Simply grate some cauliflower florets, sauté them with onions and spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric, and use this mixture as your stuffing.
  • Methi Paratha: Add a vibrant twist by incorporating fresh fenugreek leaves (methi) into your dough. Finely chop the leaves and knead them along with the flour, water, and salt. This adds a subtle bitterness and a distinct flavour to the paratha.

  • Paneer Paratha: For a protein punch, try paneer paratha. Crumble some paneer and sauté it with chopped green chillies, coriander leaves, and 1 tsp of garam masala. This savoury filling pairs perfectly with the paratha dough.
  • Mooli Paratha: This variation uses grated white radish (mooli) as the base for the stuffing. Mix the grated radish with chopped coriander leaves, and red chillies for a hint of spice, and a touch of lemon juice. The result is a refreshing and slightly tangy paratha variation.
  • Masala Egg Paratha: This fusion variation incorporates a spicy egg filling. Boil and mash some eggs, then sauté them with chopped onions, tomatoes, and your favourite curry spices. This filling adds a burst of flavour and protein to your paratha.

The Perfect Pairing Suggestion for the Classic Paratha

Here are some classic accompaniments to elevate your aloo paratha experience: 

  • Nova Dahi: Add 1 or 2 tsp of creamy Nova Dahi and mix it with 1 tsp sugar. You can also spice it up by adding a pinch of chaat masala, red chilli or pepper powder for an extra dash of flavour.
  • Raita: A dollop of cooling raita, like cucumber or mint raita, provides a refreshing to add a soothing element to the paratha. The combination of warm, flaky paratha with the cool, creamy raita creates a perfect balance of flavours and textures.
  • Achar (Pickle): Achars add a unique combination of flavours to the aloo parathas. Pair them with your favourite pickle, be it mango pickle, lemon pickle, or mixed variety pickle, which will complement the dish.
  • Chutney: Chutneys, a flavorful condiment, can range from mild to spicy and are made with various herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Popular types include Schezwan, mint and coriander chutney. Chutneys add texture and taste to the aloo paratha.
  • Vegetable Curries: Pair your paratha with a variety of curries like aloo gobhi or chana masala for a delicious and satisfying meal. These vegetable curries are packed with flavour and nutrients, making them a healthy choice for lunch or dinner.

Feel free to experimentDon’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect recipe that suits your taste buds.

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Satisfy your hunger pangs with this comfort meal that works equally well for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make yummy Dhaba-style Aloo Paratha at home by following the easy recipe mentioned above. Elevate the flavours by adding Nova Shudh ghee that takes your paratha from delicious to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. So next time you’re looking for a quick, delicious, and endlessly customizable meal, give aloo paratha a try! 

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