Discover the Different Ways to Increase Shelf Life of Pure Ghee


Ghee is an ingredient that needs proper preservation for better taste and shelf life. So, here we have discovered some easy ways to store desi ghee.

Avoid Moisture by Preserving Ghee in Airtight Container

Exposing pure ghee to moisture can change the quality and taste of the delicious ingredient. However, we are sure you don’t want to let that happen. Right? But you have nothing to worry about because storing ghee in an airtight container can be your solution. It can help you preserve ghee and keep it fresh for a long time. So, whenever you buy desi ghee from cow ghee suppliers, remember to store the product in a properly sealed and airtight container. 

Store the Ghee in Freezer to make it Last Long

Freezing can help you preserve desi ghee’s taste, smell, texture, and nutrition for an extended period. Do you want to know how? Well, freezing can slow down the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in your pure ghee. Also, it prevents desi ghee from spoiling. So, don’t worry if you have purchased an extra box of ghee from cow ghee suppliers. Just pop it in the freezer to make it last longer.

Keep the Container away from Sunlight

If you are storing desi ghee near sunlight, then we recommend removing the container from that place. The reason is that keeping a ghee jar under the sun can lead to oxidation. Also, desi ghee can lose its nutritional value. So, when you get pure ghee to your home from cow ghee suppliers, carefully store it in a cool and dry place to increase shelf life and retain healthy nutrients.

Use a Clean Spoon for Desi Ghee

You must use a clean and dry spoon to scoop out desi ghee from the jar. A spoon can help avoid contamination of ghee you purchased from cow ghee suppliers. Also, it prevents moist conditions from reducing the shelf life of your desi ghee.

Don’t use Ghee if the Colour or Smell Changes

Sometimes, storing the ghee in the wrong way can contaminate the product. At such times, you will see a change of colour or smell in your desi ghee. So, you must dispose of the contaminated ghee and buy a new box of pure ghee from cow ghee suppliers


Therefore, with all these tips in mind, you can preserve ghee properly and increase its shelf life.

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