How Nova Dairy Whitener makes Delicious Beverages & Smooth Desserts?


Nova Dairy Whitener is a popular and trusted milk powder consumed by millions of Indian customers to make delicious beverages and smooth desserts. The dairy product utilises high-quality cow milk and modern techniques to retain the natural goodness of all the enriching elements. The versatile ingredient helps to create a range of delectable delights like frothy cappuccinos & frozen gelatos. So, this summer, let’s elevate your sweet creations to the next level. Make these popular beverages & desserts using Nova Dairy Whitener for a heavenly experience.

Aromatic Tea & Coffee for Breakfast

Dairy Whitener is a cow milk substitute. It enhances the flavour of refreshing tea & coffee by adding a creamy & enriching texture to the beverage. The milk powder is highly-nutritious, as it contains the health benefits of Calcium and Proteins. Moreover, the Nova Dairy Whitener is known for its long shelf life, making storage & preservation a lot easier. 

A Sweet, Frothy Milkshake 

Use a Dairy Whitener to ensure a smooth & frothy consistency of your milkshake. It’s an incredible combination with natural flavours like vanilla, chocolate, orange, strawberry, etc. So, let’s blend a scoop of ice cream, fruits and dairy whitener to enjoy a delicious glass of milkshake in the summer season.

Chilled Pudding for Dessert Time 

Nova Dairy Whitener consists of a concentrated form of milk solids. It enhances the flavouring of the Chilled Pudding. Additionally, the dairy product helps in preparing a delightful & exquisite whipped cream topping for the dessert. It adds an extra layer of creaminess to the sweet delight by creating stiff peaks. So, this summer, let’s relish the chilled pudding and cool down.

Make an Indulgent Cheesecake

In cheesecake, we use the enriching flavour & texture of heavy cream as an exquisite filling. Today, the Nova Dairy Whitener is a healthier, delectable, and affordable alternative to heavy cream. So, it’s time to enjoy a decadent cheesecake and make your life sweeter with every bite.


Overall, Nova Dairy Whitener is known for its versatility and ability to blend smoothly. The dairy product adds a perfect texture to your milkshake and smoothies. Thus, it’s a fantastic choice for making nutritious & mouth-watering desserts in all seasons.

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