Is Desi Ghee a Healthier Choice? Let’s Find Out


The goodness of desi ghee has existed in every Indian family household for generations. Its taste and aroma have enhanced many flavors in our lives. From lightly rolling ghee on your chapatis to adding a spoonful in dal tadka, it has been the reason for many savored moments in the desi kitchen.

But, over the years, the health benefits of desi ghee is becoming a debatable topic. While some vouch for its beneficial properties, others can’t find its healthier side. So, here we are to uncover whether ghee is a healthier option.

Let’s start by understanding how desi ghee is processed.

Ghee is the byproduct of cow milk. Anyone can produce it by churning buttermilk at the right heating temperature. It has proved to help different body parts, like skin, hair, and heart, in many ways.


Helps in Digestion

According to doctors, ghee is an easy-to-digest fat. It helps you to balance the heat produced by your body. It can assist you in digesting the food properly, thus preventing indigestion. You can also call it a detoxing agent, as it removes harmful toxins from your body.

Assists in Weight Loss

Desi ghee is saturated fat, but it also contains short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential in improving your metabolic rate by burning stubborn fats.

Boosts Immunity

You might not know, but ghee is a good immunity booster and antiviral agent. Consuming pure ghee can strengthen your bones. It can even help in the growth and development of bones.

Balances Hormones

Desi ghee contains Vitamin K2, which can help you in secreting hormones in your body with the help of other nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

The nutrient (Vitamin K2) keeps your heart safe by preventing blockages caused due to calcium deposits in your arteries.

Heals Skin and Promotes Hair Growth

Don’t be amazed, but ghee can benefit your skin and hair by locking the moisture and providing proper nourishment.

With all these listed benefits, you can surely use desi cow ghee in your every meal.

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