Let’s Refresh Mind with the Delicious Taste of Flavoured Milk


Kids play with enthusiasm and adults work with zest, but at the end of the day energy is low, so we relax our minds by drinking a glass of milk. However, we all know, it’s difficult to make your child consume nutritious milk. But, not anymore because we bring you the mouthwatering taste and nourishment of flavoured milk. Explore the taste of butterscotch, coffee, rose, doodh Kesar, elaichi and chocolate in your milk, to select your favourite.

Although, if you are still concerned about the goodness of flavoured milk, then here are all the amazing facts to clear your doubts.

Rich in Flavours and Nutrients

Flavoured milk contains all the minerals and vitamins present in whole milk. The delicious and nutrient-rich drink contains calcium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B2. It can help the growth and development of bones, strengthen teeth, and process nutrients into energy, while also controlling other functions of the body. 

A Great Choice for Kids

Kids enjoy the delicious taste of nutrient-rich drink. The sweetness and creaminess of the drink can bring joy to their faces, which is why Indian consumers are gravitating towards buying different flavours of milk. In 2015, Indian people drank 72 million litres of nutrient-rich drink, and ever since the numbers are increasing. So, it’s safe to say that the nutritious drink is a great choice for kids.

Cost Friendly

Today, flavoured milk is easily available in the market at a cost friendly rate. But, you need to buy the nutritious drink from a well known brand like Nova Dairy, for its purity and taste.

Instant Energy Booster

Flavoured milk can refresh your mind and recharge your energy instantly. It contains all the nutrients and minerals that can boost you after a tiring day. The carbohydrates can replenish energy, while also providing hydration to your body.

So, now enjoy the health benefits of milk along with rich flavours of chocolate, coffee, Doodh Kesar, and more, with Nova Dairy’s Flavoured Milk.

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