Is your Pure Ghee really Pure? Let’s Test to Find Out


Have you ever wondered if your pure ghee is really pure? If not, then it’s the right time to start thinking. Why? 

Well, because even though cow ghee brands like Nova Dairy live up to their expectations in providing the goodness of purity. However, many other dairy brands in the market sell adulterated products in the name of purity. 

Adulterated cow ghee can have harmful effects on your body. Therefore, it is necessary to test the purity of ghee before making the final choice of purchasing the best pure ghee online. So, here are a few tests to check the quality of ghee at home.

Heating Method

To ensure the purity of ghee, you can take a simple test at home, by heating a spoonful of cow ghee on the kitchen stove. While heating, if the ghee easily melts and acquires a brownish shade, then don’t worry because your pure ghee brand has successfully passed the purity check. But, if it acquires a yellowish shade and melts slowly, then the ghee is adulterated. So, you need to rethink your choices when you buy pure ghee online.

Palm Melting Test

Did you know? Pure ghee can melt at normal body temperature. So, to test the quality, you just need to take a pinch of desi ghee in your palm and wait until it melts at your body temperature. If desi ghee melts easily, then it has met the purity standards. But, if it doesn’t, then you must find and purchase a better brand of pure ghee online.

Check Adulteration by Double-Boiling

Desi ghee is often adulterated with coconut oil. So, if you wish to check the purity, then melt the cow ghee on a double boiler and pour it into a container. Now, freeze the melted ghee until it solidifies, to examine if desi ghee and coconut oil are separated into different layers. If the coconut oil layer is clearly visible, then it’s time for you to find better pure ghee online.


Once you have confirmed the quality of cow ghee by conducting purity tests at home, it’s time to please your taste buds by adding the desi touch of ghee in every Indian cuisine. But, before you make the final choice, remember to discover the best pure ghee online.

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