Nova Chhach: The Perfect Summer Beverage to Stay Hydrated


As summer approaches, we need to find ways to beat the heat. One refreshing and delightful drink that perfectly fits the bill is Nova Chhach. With its cooling properties and numerous health benefits, Chhach is a delicious beverage to stay hydrated and replenish energy during the scorching summers. So, let’s explore the world of Nova Chhach by discovering all its qualities and benefits. 

Goodness of Refreshing & Hydrating Yoghurt

Nova Chhach is a traditional yoghurt-based beverage offering a unique blend of fresh herbs & spices. Its smooth and creamy texture instantly cools you down on a hot summer day. The masala chhach is a fantastic thirst quencher, as yoghurt is well-known for its hydrating properties. Moreover, Nova Chhach helps replenish electrolytes lost through sweat, making it an ideal choice for athletes and those engaged in outdoor activities.

A Beverage Enriched with Nutrients 

Nova Chhach is not just delicious; it’s a beverage packed with a variety of nutritional benefits. Yoghurt, the main ingredient, is loaded with probiotics that promote gut health and aid digestion. It’s also a good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D, essential for maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system.

Highly Versatile to your Taste Preferences

One of the best things about Nova Chhach is its versatility. The basic recipe is easily customised to suit your taste preferences. You can add ingredients like crushed mint leaves, roasted cumin powder, chopped coriander, or even a pinch of chaat masala to enhance the flavour of the summer beverage. 

Cooling & Soothing Effect on the Body 

Beverages have a cooling effect on the body, making Nova Chhach an excellent choice for soothing and calming down the system. It helps to lower body temperature and provides a sense of relief from the heat.

An Instant Energy Booster 

Starting your daily routine with a glass of Nova Chhach provides an instant energy boost.  The protein in yoghurt promotes muscle repair & growth, while carbohydrates provide a balanced & sustainable energy source. 


When the summer heat becomes too much to handle, Nova Chhach comes to the rescue. Its refreshing taste, hydrating properties, and nutritional benefits make it the perfect beverage to beat the heat. So, let’s stay refreshed and hydrated with Nova Chhach, the go-to drink for an exciting summer experience.

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