Nova Chhach or buttermilk is a traditional Indian refreshing cold beverage. It is often consumed to help with ailments like gastro-diseases, excessive vomit, jaundice, diabetes & diarrhea. Besides good benefits of gut friendly bacteria, Chhach provides protein, calcium, phosphorus, lactose, riboflavin, vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12. Chhach helps purify the blood and give strength & vitality.

Nova Chhach is made from fresh milk in two variants - Plain (unsalted) & Spiced (masala). Check out our other proucts like pure cow ghee, skimmed milk powder.

Nova Chhach

Packaging Available

  • Plain Chhach
  • Masala (spiced) Chhach
  • 400 ML
  • 180 & 400 ML
  • Nova Plain Chhach
  • Nova Masala Chhach