Explore the Health Benefits of a Dairy Rich Diet

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A childhood memory, you may distinctly remember is of your parents and relatives running around you in the morning, to feed a glass of calcium-enriched milk, from the best-known dairy companies in India. But, despite your relentless cries and daily hide and seek, they still made you drink a full glass of milk only because … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Skimmed Milk Powder

skimmed milk powder

Skim milk powder is characterized as the item acquired by eliminating all of the water from purified skim milk. Basically, skimmed milk powder is a lower-calorie, lower-fat rendition of entire or ‘full-fat’ milk that has been made into a powder. The first constituents aside from water are all present in their unique proportions. Skim milk … Read more

Two Fun Ways To Make Your Flavoured Milk Tastier

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Who doesn’t like a wholesome serving of flavoured milk? Not only are they tasty treats to beat the heat, but they are also packed with nutrition and good vitamins that are good for your health. Nova flavoured milk is made without preservatives or artificial flavours which makes them the perfect milk beverage for you and … Read more

2 Easy Ghee Recipes to Try This Festive Season

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We’re quickly approaching the festive season, and since we love homely traditions, how could we resist a great homemade sweet? For many people, their earliest memories of festivals start with yummy sweets, so why not surprise your family with some special desi ghee sweets? And bonus, these are really easy and do not compromise on … Read more