Republic India celebrates the Health and Taste of Nova Dairy!


This January, India celebrates Republic Day with ‘Flavours of Nova Dairy’ to strengthen the foundation of our nation. In the last 74 years, our country has built a strong position in the Dairy Sector by holding the largest share in global milk production. 

Today, out of all the dairy companies in India, Nova Dairy is a trusted brand for dairy products such as shudh desi ghee, paneer, butter, toned milk, flavoured milk, fresh dahi, dairy creamer, etc. Therefore, the organization built a legacy of bringing Taste and Health to the customer’s doorstep!

Cherish a Memorable Taste

Over the years, Nova Dairy competed with leading dairy companies in India to create a delicious experience for Indian consumers. Together, the organization celebrated the spirit of patriotism and diversity by exploring the flavourful world of delectable recipes.  

In the kitchen, a spoonful of Nova Desi Ghee and Nova Butter helped consumers to prepare a sweet and savory feast for special celebrations. At the same time, the tenderness of Nova Paneer added a mouthwatering flavour to vegetarian delicacies like Shahi Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, and Paneer Do Pyaza. 

Also, the milk products allow you to enjoy the freshness of tea or coffee at breakfast time. So, this Republic Day, let’s choose to celebrate a finger-licking journey with Nova Dairy.

Our Nations Health in a Glimpse

Nova Dairy is one of the foremost dairy companies in India due to the purity and quality of milk-based products supplied to the customers. The dairy executives achieve the objective by checking and maintaining international standards at all stages of production. 

Today, the company aims to strengthen the nation by providing a perfect blend of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in the entire range of dairy products. These nutrients help customers to increase immunity, maintain gut health, and fight diseases. Therefore, this Republic Day, let’s pledge to follow a healthy lifestyle with Nova Dairy.

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