Secret Reasons to use Delicious Cow Ghee for Preparing a Scrumptious Feast


Cow Ghee is a staple dairy product in Indian kitchens. It helps you to add delicious flavours and healthy nutrients to your food. So, let’s explore the kitchen secrets to prepare a finger-licking feast with Nova Desi Ghee.

A Flavourful & Nutritious Alternative

Nova Pure Cow Ghee is a highly-nutritious alternative to any type of Vegetable Oil. A tablespoon of Desi Ghee contains Omega 3 and Vitamin A, which helps you to maintain heart health and increase immunity. Also, the nutty flavour of desi ghee is a taste booster for your delicious feast. 

Enhance the Enriching Taste of Indian Sweets 

In India, we relish the sweetness of Gajar ka Halwa, Kaju Katli, and Motichoor Ladoo after a delectable meal. So, let’s switch to Nova Cow Ghee to enhance the taste and texture of these sugary delights. Get the chance to bring sweet and nutty flavours into your delicious life.

Add Flavourful Tadka with Aromatic Cow Ghee

Let’s enhance the minimalistic flavours of your Simple Dal Recipe by adding a generous amount of aromatic Pure Cow Ghee. Prepare a mouth-watering and flavourful Tadka by heating desi ghee, mustard seeds, cumin (jeera), and curry leaves in a pan. Ensure to add the aromatic tadka to your Dal for a lingering taste that no one can forget.

A Spoonful of Ghee to enjoy Moist Rotis

It’s time to enjoy moist parathas and rotis with the delicious topping of Nova Cow Ghee. Today, experts say that desi ghee helps you reduce carbohydrates in chapatis. It allows you to satisfy hunger by suppressing your appetite to prevent binge eating. So, get Nova Desi Ghee in your kitchen to discover the nutritional benefits of this dairy product.

Use Ghee & Spices for a Delicious Marination

In Indian Cuisine, Chicken and Paneer Marination play a big role in preparing delicious appetizers and delicacies. So, make a perfect marination by blending pure cow ghee, herbs, and spices to give your food a flavourful and aromatic taste. 


In a nutshell, Nova Pure Cow Ghee helps you to experience the lip-smacking world of flavours in your mouth. At the same time, this dairy product allows people to get enriching nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s bring Nova Ghee and cook a tasty and nutritious meal for the family.

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