The Art of Grilling Nova Paneer to Perfection


Nova Paneer is a versatile & delicious dairy product which is widely available in our local kitchens. It’s obtained by curdling Cow Milk with the help of vinegar & lime juice. The process helps separate the whey proteins from the raw milk to procure fresh paneer. 

Today, Paneer gets steamed, fried, and sauteed to prepare dishes from diverse places. However, grilling is the most popular way to cook Paneer, as it adds an extra layer of taste, texture, and flavour to paneer delicacies. So, let’s explore the art of grilling Nova Paneer with perfection to enjoy a delectable journey of cooking, eating, and relishing food. Here are a few tips & tricks to follow!

Don’t Compromise: Get High-Quality Paneer

Paneer is grilled perfectly from inside & out, depending upon its firmness. So, bring a high-quality, smooth & creamy Paneer to your kitchen from Nova Dairy. The Nova Paneer is an excellent choice for grilling because of its firm texture and ability to hold shape.

Pay Attention to Marination

While grilling, it’s necessary to marinate the Nova Paneer properly to infuse all the flavours into the paneer delicacy. A yoghurt & spice-based marination prevents the Paneer from dehydrating. It adds an aromatic taste & delicate texture to the Panner Tikka. 

Let’s Grill the Paneer on Skewers

A Skewer is the best way to grill & roast Paneer. It allows balanced cooking and prevents the Paneer from crumbling apart. But, if you use wooden skewers for barbeque, remember to soak the grilling sticks in water for at least 30 minutes to avoid burning the skewers. 

Preheat Griller to Perfect Temperature

It’s essential to preheat the grilling equipment at 180°C. It helps to give a charred effect to Nova Paneer. So, the next time you grill & roast, ensure to preheat at the right temperature to get the desired taste and flavour. 

Spread Butter on the Grill Grates 

Butter helps to lubricate the grill grates, which prevents the marinated Nova Paneer from sticking to the kitchen equipment. Use a brush or spray to spread the butter evenly on the griller. 


In the end, Grilling Paneer is an art that requires skill and patience. So, follow these tips & tricks to elevate your grilling game. It’s time to create delicious and flavorful delicacies with Nova Paneer. 

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