Our Way of preparing Paneer to make Recipes Delicious with Every Bite

Nova Paneer

Paneer is a staple ingredient in every kitchen due to its versatile flavour and texture. However, do you want to know the process of preparing delicious paneer? So, here’s an incredible opportunity to discover how Nova Paneer reaches your doorstep! Use High-Quality Milk with Standardized Nutrients Our dairy company checks the quality of milk in … Read more

Benefits of Paneer Everyone Must Know

Benefits of Paneer

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is a kind of new cheese with a delicate elastic surface and sweet acidic flavor. It is a famous South Asian cooking, particularly in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Dissimilar to other cheese, it doesn’t liquefy and can be ground, cut, or crumbled. You can likewise eat it crude or cook … Read more