Our Way of preparing Paneer to make Recipes Delicious with Every Bite


Paneer is a staple ingredient in every kitchen due to its versatile flavour and texture. However, do you want to know the process of preparing delicious paneer? So, here’s an incredible opportunity to discover how Nova Paneer reaches your doorstep!

Use High-Quality Milk with Standardized Nutrients

Our dairy company checks the quality of milk in order to prepare and deliver soft, smooth, and spongy Nova Paneer to your doorstep. While, buffalo milk can make the paneer ideal for frying crispy delicacies and snacks. However, on the other hand, cow milk is considered a better option for the health, taste, and texture of Nova Paneer. So, let’s ensure that the cow milk gets freshly procured from the dairy farm and contains a standardized amount of all necessary nutrients like proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, etc., to make delicious paneer that adds extra taste to your recipes. 

Heating Treatment at a Specific Temperature

Once the dairy workers ensure that the cow milk is safe and secure, we begin the production of Nova Paneer. The process starts with heating the milk in a vessel at 90 degrees celsius. It allows you to reduce the level of whey protein and eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms from the milk.

Separate the Whey using a Strong Coagulant

After heating the milk, we bring the temperature down to 70 degrees celsius. At this point, we slowly add a coagulant to the milk while stirring constantly. A coagulant, like citric acid, lime juice, vinegar, etc., is used to separate curd and whey from cow milk, which the manufacturers use to make Nova Paneer.

Follow the Hooping Process to Strain the Curd

Now, the dairy workers fill the curd obtained in a hoop-shaped vessel or machine lined with a muslin cloth. It allows Nova Paneer manufacturers to strain the whey from the curd by applying pressure for around 15 to 20 minutes. 

Keep the Blocks of Paneer in Chilled Water

The manufacturers then keep the block of paneer in chilled water to ensure that the Nova Paneer loses the sour taste of coagulants like citric acid, lime juice, or vinegar. Also, it increases the cooling speed of Nova Paneer and helps develop an ideal texture. 


Now, let’s go and buy Nova Paneer to make your delicious dishes more flavourful and tasty with every cube of nutritious paneer that goes into the recipe. 

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