Is Milk Powder a Good Alternative for Travellers? Let’s Find Out


Milk is an integral part of our daily routine. We add cow milk to our tea, coffee and food. However, during travelling, it’s impossible to carry a milk bottle in your bag due to perishability. Therefore, travellers must use alternatives like milk powder. Here’s why?

A Bag of Dry Milk is Highly Cost-Efficient

For travellers, keeping a check on expenses is of utmost importance. Saving a few extra pennies for the future is always on their to-do list. But did you know? Using milk powder instead of fresh milk is one way to achieve the objective. Dry Milk is a cost-efficient product that adds a creamy taste and texture to refreshing tea and coffee, which is essential for travellers. Also, milk powder costs about half the price of fresh milk, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money for future expenses.

Milk Powder Sachets help to Avoid Wastage

Fresh milk is a highly-perishable food item that you need to consume immediately. However, it’s hard to finish the entire bottle of milk, especially when you are travelling alone. At this time, milk powder sachets can come to your rescue. These tiny packets of dry milk are easy to store with a longer shelf life, making the product ideal for travellers. Also, one milk powder sachet contains a spoonful of dry milk, allowing you to finish the product at once without wasting anything.

Get Healthy by consuming Dry Milk with Extra Nutrients

Travelling consumes our energy and strength. However, milk powder can help you regain stamina with all the essential nutrients like calcium, protein, potassium, and phosphorus. The adequate amount of these nutrients in the dry milk allows you to stay fit, strengthen bones, and recoup energy quickly.

Store the Dry Milk for a Long Time at Room Temperature

Fresh milk gets stored at a cool and dry temperature. But, if you are travelling to a place with warm weather and no refrigerator, the best option is to buy a bag of dry milk because it’s easy to preserve in an airtight container at room temperature. 

Easy to Mix and Prepare Food and Drinks for Travelling

Travellers always require a rejuvenating drink to regain their energy. The milk powder adds a delicious taste and smooth feeling to your food and drinks. It gets readily mixed into tea, coffee, and other milk-based beverages, making dry milk a necessity for all travellers. 


Therefore, on your next trip, you must consider carrying milk powder in your backpack to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee after every trek.

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