The Health Benefits of Butter


Who doesn’t love butter? From the instant joy it sparks in our bland old toast to how it makes just about any meal a whole lot better, butter is everyone’s go-to way of enjoying meals. Nova butter has been made with taste and good health in mind. But folks also avoid butter due to the various myths surrounding it. But we’re here to tell you that when had in moderation, butter can actually be quite good for you!

Butter is rich in Vitamins

Butter, when consumed sparingly, is a great source of vitamins. It consists of Vitamin B12, which binds the protein in the food that’s consumed It is great for energy and bone health, too!

Vitamin A, which is great for the bones and the eyes, is also present in butter in small quantities. Butter is also a great source of fat. Without fats to bind them, nutrients like Vitamin A, E, and K cannot be absorbed by the body readily.

Butter helps with Immunity

Butter has some properties that make it a great food for your immune system. Butter is high in carotene, a compound that helps break down Vitamin A to meet your daily nutrition needs.

The antioxidants in butter help the body get rid of toxins and bad chemicals. Butter is an effective antimicrobial agent which helps obstruct the growth of microbes that might be harmful to your body.

Promotes bone health

Vitamin K comes in two forms, Vitamin K1 and K2. These vitamins regulate calcium levels. Vitamin K2 especially helps direct calcium to where it belongs- in the bones and teeth, which in turn, keeps them strong.

Just a small amount of butter is all you need in order to keep your bones strong. Balance is imperative in your diet no matter what you eat, so a healthy amount of butter keeps your body strong.

Butter is good for the skin

Due to the presence of Lauric acid, which is rich in antimicrobial substances, it plays a positive role in skin health. Due to the presence of Vitamin E too, skin health is boosted, and there’s a significant reduction in skin inflammation, too.

And those are some benefits of butter. Not only is it our favourite condiment, but it is also a tasty way of getting essential nutrients and vitamins! Spread butter on your favourite toast, and have it in healthy portions so you can experience these benefits to the fullest!

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