The Incredible Journey of Dairy Companies to prepare Delicious Butter


The delicious taste of Butter-Toast and Butter-Paratha is a significant part of our joyful memories. Today, the melting texture of Butter adds more aromatic flavours to scrumptious Indian Delicacies. However, to prepare mouth-watering recipes, you must choose high-quality Butter from the leading Dairy Companies of India. So, let’s take a look at the Production Process of Nova Butter and get started on an incredible journey.

Collection of Fresh, Pure & High-Quality Milk

Milk Quality is essential to produce excellent Butter in all the Dairy Companies of India. The use of pure milk in Nova Butter helps to make the dairy product extra-creamy and delicious. Also, it ensures the flavourful butter gets prepared as per industrial standards.

Separation of Raw Milk to Obtain Cream

The raw milk reaches the leading Dairy Companies of India for Separation. In the process, high-quality milk is added to a separator to obtain cream and skimmed milk. 

Pasteurisation Process to Destroy Micro-Organisms

Now, skimmed milk gets Pasteurised at a high temperature of around 82 to 88 degrees celsius. The intense heat allows the Dairy Companies of India to destroy harmful bacteria and micro-organisms.   

Fermenting Milk Sugars for Desirable Taste

At this stage, the Dairy Companies of India ferment the cream by adding lactic acid to achieve a desirable taste, texture, and flavour. This process of fermentation is called Ripening. However, dairy companies can skip the process and prepare Unsalted Butter. 

Ageing the Cream to Crystalline Structure

In the Ageing Process, the dairy workers store the cream at cool temperatures allowing the butterfat to crystallise. The cream gets controlled in the ageing tank for 12 to 15 hours to achieve a crystalline structure. 

Churning to Procure Butter & Butter Milk

The crystallised cream is agitated in a churner for around 30 minutes. It allows dairy workers to coagulate fat content, which helps separate butter granules and buttermilk. After Churning, the manufacturers wash and drain the butter to remove excessive buttermilk.

Seasoning the Butter with Salt

Now, the Dairy Companies of India add high qualities of salt to the butter. Salt is a preservative which enhances the taste of the dairy product and increases the shelf life of Nova Butter. 

Standardised Packaging and Storage

Once the Salted Butter gets prepared by the dairy workers, it’s time to package and store the product in a cool and dry place, according to international safety and quality standards. 

Now, Moving On

You need to make the correct decision for your family by bringing our high-quality and flavourful Nova Butter to your kitchen!

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