What’s Better in Daily Diet? Pure Desi Ghee, Butter, or Vegetable Oil


Ghee, Butter, and Oil get featured in several Indian Delicacies for preparing sweet and savoury dishes. These ‘star ingredients’ add an aromatic taste to healthy and delicious food recipes. 

While, Desi Ghee and Salted Butter mesmerise the taste palate with a rich, nutty, and roasted flavour. On the contrary, Oil helps you relish the mild, fresh & neutral essence of Indian Cuisine.

But, the journey to explore a ‘Healthier & Balanced Dietary Choice’ remains unsolved. Hence, we support you in discovering the better choice between Ghee, Butter, and Oil.

A Nutritious Bite

Ghee and Butter contain healthy saturated and unsaturated fats, which can help improve cholesterol levels. These dairy products consist of highly-enriching nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, & K, which are essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and eyesight. Also, Pure Desi Ghee helps in increasing metabolism & improving digestion by maintaining Gut Health.

In contrast, Oil contains Omega-6 Fatty Acids, which increase the risk of Heart Disease, Inflammation, and other Chronic Illnesses on excessive consumption. 

So, let’s add the right amount of nutritional value to delicious cuisines by purchasing Nova Butter and Pure Ghee Online.

What’s the Smoking Point?

With a smoking point of 250 to 260 degrees celsius, Pure Desi Ghee is a perfect ingredient for high-heat cooking. In Nova Ghee, the stability of saturated fats helps in preventing the production of harmful compounds. Meanwhile, the Vegetable Oil gets oxidised at high temperatures, leading to damaged body cells that increase the risk of chronic diseases. 

So, this season, let’s purchase Pure Ghee Online and bring a healthy choice to your home with Nova Dairy.

Unleash the Benefits of Fatty Acids 

Be health conscious with the nourishing benefits of fatty acids in Desi Ghee and Salted Butter. Get ready for a nutritious diet that supports physical activity, hormone production, and brain functioning. Make a healthy decision by purchasing Pure Ghee Online from the most trusted Nova Dairy. 

The Harmful Chemicals in Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil gets extracted using chemical solvents, which leave behind harmful traces. In addition, a few types of vegetable oils get genetically modified. Thus, we can say that purchasing Nova Butter and Pure Ghee Online is the best choice for your overall well-being.

Summing Up

Our experts conclude the debate by saying that Desi Ghee & Salted Butter are both excellent energy sources which can keep you Fit and Healthy. Therefore, it’s time to get Butter and Pure Ghee Online today!

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