A Spoonful of Freshness: Storing Milk Powder for Smooth Texture & Flavour


The storage of Milk Powder is necessary to preserve the freshness and smoothness of the dairy product. But, Why? Well, improper storage of Milk Powder Sachets can lead to spoilage of the dairy product, making it unsafe for consumption. So, let’s look at these incredible ways to store and preserve Milk Powder to access delicious taste and smooth texture. 

Preserve the Milk Powder in a Cool & Dry Space

Milk Powder absorbs moisture quickly, which causes the dairy product to clump and spoil. Also, humidity promotes bacterial growth in dried milk, leading to ailments due to food contamination. Hence, it’s essential to preserve Milk Powder Sachets in cool and dry surroundings, away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. 

Transfer the Contents to an Airtight Container

Have you opened the Milk Powder Sachet but don’t know where to store it? Well, transfer the dried milk to an airtight or sealed container to prevent contamination, control temperature, and increase the shelf life of the dairy product. In addition, the vessel helps you maintain the smooth quality, delicious flavour, and nutritional contents of Milk Powder. 

Label the Dates on the Storage Jar

Let’s track and trace the freshness of Milk Powder Sachets by labelling the storage jar with all the necessary information, such as the manufacturing and expiration date.

Keep it Away from the Refrigerator

Storing the Milk Power Sachets in the refrigerator causes the Nova Dairy Product to absorb moisture & odours from other food items, affecting the freshness, smoothness, and flavourful taste of the Milk Powder.  

Utilise the Fresh Milk Powder before Expiry

The shelf life of Milk Powder is usually between 12 to 24 months. So, you must remember to utilise the Milk Powder Sachets before the expiry date to ensure delicious taste and prevent food poisoning.  

Let’s Prevent Spoilage with Milk Powder Sachets

Choose a cost-effective and viable solution to your storage problems by bringing Milk Powder Sachets to your kitchen. The small & compact size of a Milk Powder Sachet helps you obstruct the spoilage of dried milk in large batches. 

Avoid Strong Odors to Maintain Freshness

Milk Powder is sensitive to strong odours due to porosity and powdered state. Therefore, we should preserve Dried Milk away from foul-smelling food items that can affect its taste, texture and flavour.


With these storage tips and tricks in mind, all of us can preserve the delicious and creamy taste of Milk Powder for a longer duration. So, let’s store the milk powder properly to experience the ultimate freshness in tea and coffee.

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