Why Switch to Milk Powder in Daily Life?


Milk powder is a viable substitute for milk, with a longer shelf life. Its dehydrated state can make transportation and storage easier. In many households, using dry milk sachets in your 2 to 3 cups of tea or coffee is seen as a convenient option. It can enrich the taste and texture of your refreshing drinks, by enhancing the flavours and making it creamier.

Many times in the kitchen, you get irritated when all the ingredients are not present to prepare a batch of Indian mithai. But, if this ingredient is milk, then milk powder can help you make those delicious homemade sweets just like you planned.

If you think all this is unhealthy, then don’t worry because dry milk sachets have nutritional benefits too. So, let’s go on a delicious journey to understand all the benefits of dry milk and switch to a better choice for a comfortable life.

Shelf Life

Storing dry milk in a proper place is necessary for better shelf life. If stored in a cool and dry place, then your milk powder can last for almost a year.

Cost Effective

As you know, a packet of dry milk can last you for a longer period compared to a packet of milk, which you need to buy daily. So, milk powder sachets are definitely more cost-effective.

Nutritional Value

Milk powder is considered healthy, as it contains fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You can obtain proteins and calcium at a higher concentration, in milk powder sachets compared to regular milk. Its nutrient rich contents, can help maintain heart health, manage weight loss, and improve growth and development of bones.

Food Preparation

If you want to enjoy the ravishing taste of homemade desserts, then using milk powder sachets instead of milk can help you bake chewy cookies and softer brownies. Milk powder can uplift the taste of chocolate by making its texture denser and silkier.


You must be awakened after learning about all these benefits. So, let’s switch to the wellness and goodness of milk powders in daily life. For more information visit www.steragro.com

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