Two Fun Ways To Make Your Flavoured Milk Tastier

flavoured milk

Who doesn’t like a wholesome serving of flavoured milk? Not only are they tasty treats to beat the heat, but they are also packed with nutrition and good vitamins that are good for your health. Nova flavoured milk is made without preservatives or artificial flavours which makes them the perfect milk beverage for you and … Read more

2 Easy Ghee Recipes to Try This Festive Season

pure cow ghee

We’re quickly approaching the festive season, and since we love homely traditions, how could we resist a great homemade sweet? For many people, their earliest memories of festivals start with yummy sweets, so why not surprise your family with some special desi ghee sweets? And bonus, these are really easy and do not compromise on … Read more

With Nova Chocolate Milk, Enter the World of Deliciousness

Nova Chocolate Milk

If all you have as a refreshingly nutritious drink is flavoured milk, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Here are some alternatives to plain milk. Something a little more decadent. TresLeches Cake Sweetened condensed milk is one of the ingredients in this delectable buttery Spanish cake. Full milk or heavy whipping cream … Read more

Start Everyday Refreshed with Dairy Whitener

Dairy Whitener

There has been a trend in India of dairy companies preferring dairy whitener over other dairy products due to easier transportation. Also, there are other advantages of using a dairy whitener. Dairy whitener holds more sugar as compared to milk, and can be preserved for longer duration. While most powdered milk turns lumpy while dissolving, … Read more

Benefits of Dahi for Hair

benefits of dahi for hair

In addition to the fact that yogurt is perfect for skin and hair, however, it is likewise effectively accessible in your home. Which is the reason it is a piece of various skin and hair care recipes for a really long time. The fulfillment, safety, and viability of making an all-natural hair recipe utilizing yogurt … Read more

Conventional uses and benefits of Shudh Desi Ghee

shudh desi ghee

Food is a tricky subject. Particularly, assuming you are attempting to talk, make sense of and vouch for the advantages of traditional foods – it makes it significantly more convoluted. Presently, we should make a rundown of that multitude of ingredients getting back in the saddle onto our kitchen racks – hand-beat rice, cold-squeezed cooking … Read more