Desi Ghee or Olive Oil: What’s the Better Choice in your Keto Diet?

Desi Ghee or Olive Oil

Keto Diet is a healthy and effortless route to weight management. It requires the diet followers to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and discover the nutritional benefits of a fat-rich diet.  The keto diet includes seafood, egg, cheese, pure desi ghee, olive oil, yogurt, spinach, broccoli, berries, nuts, etc. All these food items contain the … Read more

Take a Look at these Unique Facts about Pure Ghee

Pure Ghee

Ghee is a necessary ingredient in every Indian dish. But, certain facts about ghee need to get discovered by everyone. Therefore, here’s a guide to all the unique facts about pure cow ghee. Facts: Enhances Flavour with Every Drop Each drop of pure cow ghee can help you elevate the flavours of Indian cuisine. The … Read more

Cow Ghee Vs Vanaspati Ghee

cow ghee vs vanaspati ghee

Ghee is a kind of clarified butter fat that has been created and used in India for days of yore. It is utilized in Ayurveda as a helpful specialist and furthermore for strict customs. It is famous in India due to its dietary ascribes and trademark flavor and smell and is considered a sacred food. … Read more